It’s been a long week (it’s only Wednesday). I’m making a list to remember why I’m thankful, oh so thankful, for life. In no particular order, here goes. 

1. I have some amazing friends who are constantly by my side, who support me, and who offer words of advice. I love you guys. I really couldn’t do it without you.

2. I’m thankful for the ability to learn. I go to an amazing school and I have some of the best professors in the country. I’m thankful that I get to be here.

3. I’m thankful for opportunities. Within the last week and a half, so many opportunities for the next year to two years have found their way to me. I am beyond excited for what lies ahead. 

4. I have a God who leads me in the right direction, along the right path, and drops little cookies along the way. I find these little hints that I’m doing the right thing — and that greener paths await me. 

5. Music. I was thinking about it earlier — I wonder just how many minutes of my life I’ve spent listening to music. It is such a constant sound in my life. I think it’s beautiful. I’m so glad I get to fill my days with lyrical genius. 

6. Words. I think some of the biggest support is found in the form of words. I also think some great therapy is found through words. I’m thankful for the ability to write, not only to share my own thoughts, but to share words with others. (Whether that’s a quote, a Bible verse, or something else). 

7. Warmer weather. The high is 70 tomorrow! Woohoo! I can’t wait for warmer weather, sunshine, tan lines, shorts, tanks, and sandals! Hopefully some beach too. (:

8. I’m thankful for letters from moms and sweet texts from dads reminding you to take a break. 

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