I’ve been reminded of something a lot lately, and my most succinct way to put it is this — 

Bigger Things, Bigger Plans, Bigger God.

So many random things have been going on. I can’t say that small things don’t affect me — they do. A couple weeks ago, I didn’t get something I was really hoping for. As a result, I was surprised and disappointed. I was hurt. At the end of the week though, something so much more incredible happened.

A friend wrote me a letter. (This isn’t the incredible part.)

“You were the light at the end of my tunnel.”

Those words. Me. Those are about me. I was someone’s light. The letter says many other things, but the idea is that the reason my friend is still here is because of something I did. In that week that I got news that I didn’t want, I had time. I had time to be there for my friend. I had time to share the Word with him. When I got this letter at the end of the week, it made everything so worth it. 

Other things have happened. I’ve been able to be there for other people. My time has been channeled toward more important things. 

God has a bigger plan. A much bigger one than I can ever even begin to imagine. Through all of this, I feel like it’s been a constant reminder — He has a plan. I just have to be patient. 


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