Today I got to be… An Honorary Dad

I guess it’s about time I write another post. (:

For those of you unaware, I have two internships this summer. To make a long explanation short, here’s the gist of what I’m doing.

Both are with OU Health and Science Center. One is with the Child Studies Center (CSC); the other is an extension of this program and is called Early Foundations (EF). With CSC, I observe three different clinics and do research with my supervisor/mentor. With EF, I’m a teacher for one of the playgroups. 

I started last week, but my supervisor was gone so there were about 16 hours I couldn’t attend. This week was my first “full week”, as I’ve deemed it. It’s absolutely incredible. It’s exhausting and sometimes all I want to do is sleep for the next 7 days straight. But, I love it. 

The highlights of this week… I observed testing that led to diagnosing a child with autism. I sat in the room as the family was told. As an observer, I do a lot of following and not a lot of talking (in front of the family at least). So during this part, I just kind of sat back and watched the family’s reaction. I saw his mom’s blank stare and his grandmother’s questioning words. “Can it be cured?” “Will he grow out of it?” To me, questions that shouldn’t even be asked, but to a family who has heard the word autism only a few times before, these are serious questions. On Tuesday, someone’s life was changed. The future and fate of this family was changed forever.

Today, at EF, it was “Dads and Donuts”. One of our little boy’s dad could not come, so I got to be Honorary Dad for the Day. Of course, I have absolutely no idea what it’s like to be a dad, but I had fun doing all of the activities with the kiddo. This is only my third time at EF. After snack time, one of the little boys came and sat in my lap. Later in the day, he held my hand as we walked to the next activity. I sat with the kids as they waited to be picked up. One of the mom’s arrived and a little girl’s name was called. She went with her sisters to the door before running back to give me a huge hug. My heart melted today.

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