Gratitude. Blessing. Appreciation. Thanks. (Part 1)

Day One:
The little things. I was sitting in the library studying. When I looked out the window, there were about eight teeny, tiny birds. So precious!
I am also thankful for the love and comfort of friends, particularly Nikki today. She’s awesome.
The surprise from Melissa! It was so sweet. I love her a lot. (:

Day Two:
I am thankful for the opportunity to attend school here, to take challenging classes, and to be working toward a greater future.

Day Three:
Today I am thankful for movies. I’m not feeling so well, but I am glad for a moment to rest, breathe, and relax.

Day Four:
My brother. Even though we don’t talk all that often, I am thankful that I can call him my big brother. I know that if I needed anything, he would be at my side in a heartbeat. Happy birthday big brother. I love you Josh!
I am thankful for my grandparents. I cannot wait to see them.

Day Five:
I am thankful that I have the ability to serve! It was so much fun playing with the children at the shelter today. I love the group of girls with whom I was able to volunteer. And I love that we collectively poured our hearts into those children.

Day Six:
I am thankful for letters (Sara James!). I’m thankful for the freedom to worship. I’m thankful for the ability to attend church and find a community there.

Day Seven:
I am thankful for the absolutely best friends and family a person could ever imagine. Today I received four letters and two packages. I have some pretty incredible people thinking about me. My mom and Maddie both sent medicine — they are too cute.
I am thankful for time to spend with new friends, the opportunity to listen to their huge hearts, and getting to bake in a kitchen!

Day Eight:
I am thankful for friends who help me study. I may have lost my sanity without the incredible help of Phoebe and Scout today.

Day Nine:
I am thankful for things like skype that enable me to see my friends. I miss Maddie and Hannah! IT was so good seeing them and talking to them.
I am thankful for being able to drive. Peyton’s a good car. (:

Day Ten:
The beautiful weather that allows me to sit outside and study.
Cameras that capture moments for a lifetime.

Day Eleven:
Surprises! I loved surprising my dad and Maddie and Melissa. I wish I could have stayed longer, but it was still such an absolutely wonderful night. I needed that little sliver of time with my family.

Day Twelve:
Football games! I love football. Even though we didn’t win, my team played their hearts out. I loved watching my friends play the best game I have seen all season. I love the atmosphere of the games — cheering, clapping, jumping to our feet. And, after all, it was a perfect season. (;

Day Thirteen:
I am thankful for Harry Potter and friends. It was fun just laying around with Sydney and watching the movies!

Day Fourteen:
I am thankful for the ability and opportunity to give blood, for naps, and for staying up way too late and talking to Elizabeth and Katie. (:

Day Fifteen:
My momma! I am so proud of her today. I am thankful for the woman she is, the role model she is, the goals she achieves, her constant presence in my life, and so much more. I can’t wait to see her!!

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