Nine Reasons Why I’ve Loved This Week

1. Running just after the rain. The sky, the puddles, the streetlights glowing — they are all so incredibly beautiful. My heart pounding, the wind chilling my body, the soft music playing in my ears. The thud of my feet against the ground, my friends running besides me. I can’t help but see God in these little moments.

2. Sleeping for eleven hours. Rest and relaxation.

3. Staying up until 4 in the morning talking to one of my new best friends. I love conversations like that. (:

4. Spending time with some great new friends. Friends who give me a piece of home when I don’t get to be home. Friends who make me laugh at all times of the day. Friends who decide we should go on random adventures together. (:

5. The new Coldplay CD. Simply incredible.

6. The first days of cold weather here. I love cold! And I love wearing boots. They are the best. (:

7. Conversations with old friends. It’s a good reminder that I have people at home rooting for me.

8. Talking to my best friend on the phone twice this week. Getting a letter from her. I’ve really missed her!

9. Seeing my mom today and the surprise of seeing two of my doggies! It’s been waaay too long since we’ve been together.


It’s just been a wonderful week. I like thinking about the things that have been great.. Sometimes we forget those good things in the midst of little troubles. Thank you for this week God(:


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